Company Information
  • CEO / Press Contact:
  • Developer: Meta Ventures International LLC
  • Partnerships: 100+ Partners
  • Investors: Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, Labs, Altcoin Buzz, IOBC Capital Ventures, Black Dragon, Gydra Capital, Poolz Finance, Great Ape Ventures, Enjinstarter, Polkabridge Ventures, Digitata, DuckDAO, Dutch Crypto Investors, Black Dragon, Acknowledger, EVO Invest.
  • Valuation: $40 million
Game Information
  • Development Status: Closed Beta
  • Platform: PC (Windows)
  • Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Currency: $AVC(BEP-20)
  • Supported Chains: BNB, Ethereum, Polygon, Enjin Jumpnet, and Efinity.
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AlterVerse Press Materials


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Enjin & AlturaNFT


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Unreal Engine


A Whole Universe of Games

AlterVerse is a world and game creation platform that creators can use to build Web3 games with realistic graphics and AI integration.

Developed with the stunning visuals and powerful capabilities of Unreal Engine, AlterVerse brings realistic graphics, compelling game design, expansive 3D environments, and authentic economies to players.

Once the flagship titles have proven their mettle on the AlterVerse platform, the team will release game development tools for public use.

This will empower everyday players to craft their own high quality games and experiences within the AlterVerse, offering unprecedented creative freedom.

Flagship Games

Using our gameplay templates, creators with no experience can build a wide variety of games and experiences.
Sky City
The central hub for social interaction, gaming, and commerce in this world.
85% Complete
Esports Shooter
A first/third-person shooter with deathmatch, battle royale, and FFA modes.
70% Complete
Survival MMORPG
Rescue survivors, gather resources, craft materials, and fight horrific creatures.
70% Complete

Upcoming Worlds

Nine more worlds are in the works. Creators will be able to mix and match these new assets with our flagships gameplay templates to create infinitely expandable content.


200 players per instance, auto-instance creation.


Battletested plug-and-play game templates.

End-to-End Decentralization

Decentralized Game Servers

We give creators complete control over their game servers. This unique approach is paired with our out-of-the-box Web3 integrations, making AlterVerse the most decentralized game creator in the world.

Here, players have complete autonomy over their experiences while our customizable game templates provide the basis for designing unique content quickly and easily.

Finally, we provide complete creative freedom by allowing designers to import their own 3D models. This enables them to build truly one-of-a-kind games and experiences.

GPT Integration

Conversational AI

AlterVerse is integrating conversational AI into its core infrastructure, enabling creators to build interactive, voice-compatible Non-Player Characters (NPCs). These NPCs provide endless conversational content for players and help them find their way through the game.

Creators can personalize each character's appearance, backstory, actions, and knowledge bank, making their games unique and engaging. There is no other game creator in the world that provides such robust AI features.


Help players learn and master the game.


Answering any question a player asks.

Powered by Unreal Engine

AAA Graphics

AlterVerse's high-fidelity graphics and planned VR compatibility provide an ultra-realistic experience beyond the capabilities of any other game creator.

Ultra-Real Graphics

Stunning customizable graphics.

Asset Store

Build with assets from the UE Marketplace.

Watch Trailer