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Founding date:
February 29, 2004


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1996 – City Link Released
1998 – First 3D environment tests
2004 – AureusVR Released
2006 – Blood Clans Released
2009 – Work begins on the AlterVerse
2012 – AlterVerse: Rise of the Blood Clans Released
2017 – AlterVerse: Disruption Released


8660 Fernmont Rd.
Lake Shore , MN 56468
United States

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A concept over 20 years in the making is about to become a Virtual Reality. The AlterVerse is a VR world and game creation platform currently in development. It will be compatible with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive but also fully playable without a VR headset.

Once complete, the AlterVerse will be populated with many interconnected worlds in a variety of themes such as Scifi, Medieval, Roman/Greco, Pirates, Vikings, and more. Players will be able to create their own worlds and games on a collaborative building platform; explore existing worlds; engage in survival adventures, raids, and competitive quests; and connect with others for social interaction. Starting with the introductory game AlterVerse: Disruption, additional worlds and games will be released in stages over the next year or so.

The First Game

Traveling through a portal, the tale begins, as mankind makes its first foray into the AlterVerse.  Disruption is the first game in the AlterVerse series, and is actually four games in one.  Aboard massive spacecrafts, players face a variety of challenges to survive and protect their ships.

  • Quest for the Keys.  An intense, timed adventure, fraught with dangers to retrieve the keys and reset the ships’ controls to regain power from an invading force.
  • Multi-player Raids.  Join an alliance and raid other player’s ships or create an alliance and host and defend your own ship. It’s Capture the Flag in space!
  • Multi-player Dog Fights.  Attack other ships with the swift XR75 Stinger fighter ships. Engage in battle to defend your own ship.
  • Draftball.  This is a rousing ball game played against your friends in a court aboard the ship.
  • Socialize.  With built-in voice chat, hang out with other players on the Bridge or in Mama Bahamas Lounge in the aft sector and brag about your exploits. 

The game can be played solo or in teams (alliances) competing for top scores with other players.  Disruption will soon be for sale on Steam. Several other worlds and games in the AlterVerse series are also nearing completion. 


Scot Kinney had a dream to create an online community which allowed people to:
1) socialize in awe-inspiring 3D environments from all over the world,
2) play a wide assortment of exciting games alone and in teams, and
3) create their own 3D games and environments.

Of course, he couldn’t pull this off alone.

In 2009, along with partner Michael Reino and several talented collaborators, Scot took a risk and started Dog Star VR Studios, an indie studio in the purist sense, and they began to work on the AlterVerse project. What they lacked in budget, they made up for in effort, tenacity, and grit. After many years of trial and error, technology advancements, and intense testing, Dog Star VR Studios is now on the verge of releasing the first in a series of games called AlterVerse: Disruption.



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Team & Collaborators

Scot Kinney
Game Design – Creative Director

Michael Reino
Game Design – Lead Programmer

Vicky Kinney
Game Design – Marketing

Brian Babin
Community Manager, Webmaster, QA

Eric Kinney – Videos, War Paint, Game Play

Peter Gransden  – Voice Chat

Stephan Vogt  – Custom 3D Models

Alexx Kinney – Facial Animations

Brian Roberts – Deferred Shading and PBR
James Urquhart – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Stefan Lundmark – Awesomium
Ahsan Muzaheed – Crafting
Jon Docino – Advanced Character Kit
Lukas  Joergensen – IPS Bundle
Marc-André Vachon – GUI & Game Mechanics
Tim Barnes – Programming – DX11
Alfio Saitta – Programming Contributor
Guy Allard – Programming Contributor
Eric Smith – Programming Contributor

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