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1996 – City Link Released
1998 – First 3D environment tests
2004 – AureusVR Released
2006 – Blood Clans Released
2009 – Work begins on the AlterVerse
2012 – AlterVerse: Rise of the Blood Clans Released
2020 – AlterVerse: Disruption Released


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AlterVerse adopts Enjin Platform to integrate Ethereum-based assets into 17 interconnected Gaming Worlds

AlterVerse, a gaming and world-building universe where users can play and create an infinite number of games and worlds, has joined Enjin’s Early Adopter Program and the Enjin Mulitverse to gain access to their blockchain development tools, which are now in closed beta.

The first AlterVerse Inc. release, a first-person Adventure RPG called ‘Disruption’, will be available to 125 million Steam users 2nd quarter of 2020. Disruption is set on Disrupter Battleships that disrupt the very fabric of space and time to enter the AlterVerse. Disruption will feature four game modes, including Solo Raids, Alliance Raids, Adventure Quests, and Battle Royale. Players will be able to log on and play in multiplayer environments or purchase their own servers, which will enable them to customize their ship and invite paying players to try to raid their ship’s treasury.

Currently, players can customize any Disrupter Battleship they own by selecting from pre-existing textures that alter the ship’s floors, ceilings, walls, skybox, hull, and each of the 32 crew rooms, allowing them to create a personalized look and feel for all their residents. Once AlterVerse Inc. releases their ‘world editors’, server owners will be able to rebuild the structures of their ships to create completely different experiences for their players.

Disruption is the first of 17 prototyped gaming worlds. The game mechanics, customization options, world editors, and server-owner monetization models are core functions of each of AlterVerse’s planned releases. Each of the 17 gaming worlds AlterVerse Inc. releases will act as a template that can be used in player-owned servers and customized freely. The innovative studio will also provide characters, skins, weapons, accessories, pets, and vehicles that will be usable throughout the multiple servers, which means players will be able to take parts of their inventory with them as they travel through parallel worlds.

AlterVerse Inc.’s second offering, Sky City, is scheduled for release in Q3 of 2020. Sky City will be free-to-play and can be described as a digital hub for entertainment and commerce, where players can go to escape the real world to socialize with friends, race Violators around the track, fly around in Sky Cars and learn about and buy the upcoming games as they’re released. Like Disruption, Sky City servers will also be available for server owners to purchase and monetize.

Next up will be the release of five Home World servers in different themes that can be compared to player-owned versions of Decentraland, a cryptocurrency project that famously raised $24 million in 35 seconds during their successful ICO. Currently, Decentraland sells parcels of land on centralized, company owned servers that developers and designers can build upon, whereas AlterVerse Inc. will enable server operators with no design and development experience to re-create their version of each Home World to suit their own vision on servers they own and host in a truly decentralized manner. They will be able to monetize entry into their servers for game play as well as sell or rent parcels of land to other users. Servers will be in limited supply and tracked on the Enjin blockchain.

Several more games, called Adventure Quests, will be released soon after the Home Worlds. Think of the Quest servers as off-world excursions. Adventures will include Gold and Silver mines, Treasure caves, Dinosaur and Big Game hunting expeditions and so on. Players will be able to play the timed quests over and over to win tokens, status, rank and glory. Server operators or Hosts will be able to run and monetize these as well.

3D designers or Creators can also create characters, pets, vehicles, accessories, and buildings which they can integrate into their own servers or sell on the Creator’s Market, where other server operators will buy the designs, integrate them into their servers, and potentially monetize ownership of those assets. All of these game assets can be used in the other 16 gaming worlds AlterVerse Inc. has created so far.

AlterVerse will utilize Enjin’s blockchain development tools to integrate blockchain-based identification of characters, items, assets, land, and servers that players can create, own and trade. All of AlterVerse’s blockchain items will be ERC-1155 tokens powered by the Ethereum Network. These assets will be value backed by Enjin Coin and players will be able to protect, manage, and melt their own items to retrieve the embedded Enjin Coin by using the Enjin Wallet.

Players will also be able to browse and verify all AlterVerse’s ERC-1155 assets and transaction using Enjin’s upcoming blockchain explorer, EnjinX. Enjin recently announced a collaboration with Bidali Inc. that will enable players who earn Enjin Coin rewards to use the cryptocurrency to buy gift cards from over 100 big brands, this will provide unmatched liquidity for AlterVerse’s players and server operators.





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Team & Collaborators

Scot Kinney
Founder – CEO

Michael Reino
Co-Founder – CTO

Jeff McCaig
Studio Creative Director

Tim Barnes
Engine Programmer

Luke Elden
Social Media Director

Brian Babin
Web Administrator

Eric Kinney – Skins Designer, Game Play
Peter Gransden  – Voice Chat
Stephan Vogt  – Custom 3D Models
Alexx Kinney – Facial Animations
Brian Roberts – Deferred Shading and PBR
James Urquhart – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Ahsan Muzaheed – Crafting
Jon Docino – Advanced Character Kit
Lukas  Joergensen – IPS Bundle
Alfio Saitta – Programming Contributor
Guy Allard – Programming Contributor
Eric Smith – Programming Contributor

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