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Official Coin of Sky City

The Official Coin of Sky City bears the face of MrNiceGuy. MrNiceGuy was one of the earliest pioneers in the AlterVerse and helped fund the development and building of the first Sky City on Aureus.

MrNiceGuy will be remembered throughout time for the great contributions he made to help make Sky City I the shining example of what mankind can accomplish when they work together.

The Sky City Coin was the first coin made for localized commerce between the great Disrupter ships and Sky City.

Mayor of Sky City I

Jesse Cass was appointed the first Mayor of Sky City I on November 6th, 2019. He will serve as the Mayor for the calendar year of 2020 until a formal voting system can be put into place to elect a Mayor and City Council. Mayor Cass was chosen in a random drawing of the most generous people known to the AlterVerse Corporation.

Sky City

View of Sky City

High above the clouds of planet Aureus, on a massive round platform, sits the first Sky City, an extravagant inter-planetary hub of adventure, commerce, opportunity, and connection.

Are you looking to relax and socialize in a resort-like environment?

  • Sky City is a Free, virtual city, where users can escape among the stars.

  • Mix and mingle or dance the night away in the exclusive Club Sky City.

  • Own a luxurious condo and enjoy the 360 degree views from the rooftop pool area.

  • Roam the streets and explore the many shops.

  • Meet new people or invite your friends from Earth to join you.

  • Drop a fishing line in one of the serene central pools.

  • However you choose to relax, this is what we strive to provide.

How about some friendly competition or adventure?

  • Sky City is home to games and adventures, challenges and rewards.

  • The stakes are real on Sky City making the competitions more meaningful.

  • Enjoy Draft Ball competitions in the arena.

  • Experience the exhilaration of racing the sleek Violators on the track surrounding Sky City.

  • Fly alone or with a friend in a Sky Car high above the cloud shrouded planet. Time will fly, and so will you!

  • Embark on wild and potentially lucrative Quests from the Off-World Adventure Center.

Do you have business opportunities on your mind?

  • Sky City is a hub of gainful opportunity.

  • On Sky City, you don’t just have items, you own assets. Your possessions belong to you.

  • Vendors, entrepreneurs, and developers all have a crucial part to play in this realistic virtual economy.

  • Open a shop to sell your creations or products.

  • Attend or book conferences in the massive AlterVerse Center.

Are you on a quest for knowledge?

  • Learn about the other planets and moons being discovered in the Solone System.

  • Meet with Ambassadors in the Embassies of each of the five Home Worlds.

Make your dreams come true, everything is possible in Sky City!